Local Data to Drive Educational Mode Decisions

Learning Mode Status Chart

The Board of Education approved a comprehensive resolution on Monday, September 28, to capture the amendments made to our Responsible Restart Plan since early July. The Board and Administration have remained steadfast to the district’s commitment to getting as many students safely back into our classrooms as possible. Hilliard’s leadership continues to adapt to new public health recommendations and adjust our plans accordingly. The district’s partnership with Franklin County Public Health, Columbus Public Health, and the Ohio State University has made the inclusion of local data in our decision-making process a reality.

“We know continued changes in our restart plans create challenges for our families. We are thankful for the continued partnership as we work together during this Covid-19 Crisis to both protect and educate our students,” shared Hilliard Superintendent John Marschhausen.

Dr. Marschhausen also shared, “Our local data is currently trending in the wrong direction. Our local case count is once again over 100 cases per 100,000. Our school community needs to experience two weeks below 50 cases per 100,000 before we would begin the transition to All-In. We need to lower our community spread before All-In is a possibility.” With this in mind, we are several weeks away from a potential transition from Hybrid to All-In.

The district’s team continues to monitor our practices and guidance for social distancing and cleaning. Our All-In plans are available on the district website; we will continue to make adjustments based on our experiences in Hybrid and recommendations from public health officials.

“Our teachers and students have been fantastic during our Hybrid Mode,” explained Marschhausen. “This is unchartered territory and, we keep getting better every day. When we can safely transition to All-In, we will be ready.”