Local Artists Visit Washington Elementary

students working with artist

Students at Washington Elementary had the amazing opportunity to work with two local artists, Lynda Elias and Virginia Corwin, on a school wide mural project. Thanks to the generosity of our school PTO, Kindergarten through fifth grade students worked to imagine, plan and design a rendering of what they wanted the mural to look like. Then, they reused and recycled old tile, plates, bowls, and mirror, painting and smashing them with a hammer to make the pieces necessary for the design. When Lynda and Virginia arrived, students worked over the course of two days to glue and grout the pieces onto cement board, and then clean all the tiny pieces so they shine and look beautiful. Once the grout dried, Rodney and our amazing Hilliard Schools maintenance department worked to find the perfect space in our school to hang it on the wall. By learning about new ways to reuse and recycle materials, work together as a team, and problem solving to find solutions to be successful, our students will be Ready for Tomorrow!

final mosaic