Light It Up Blue in Support of Autism Awareness

Hilliard City Schools

logoAt Hilliard City Schools we embrace every child and empower them to make good choices in their educational journey so that they are inspired to be ready for tomorrow. This certainly includes all of our students with autism. April is Autism Awareness month and Hilliard City Schools will celebrate these students by encouraging both students and staff to wear blue on Wednesday, April 2 for World Autism Awareness Day. I hope you will join me in supporting the great students, families and staff members who have dedicated countless hours supporting the specific needs of these students.

The number of U.S. children with autism has surged to one in 68. Just last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported a 30 percent increase since the agency estimates from just two years ago. Our district numbers are right in-line with the national trends. Because autism is a condition that impacts students on a broad spectrum from serious to mild, Hilliard Schools’ personalizes services based upon individual student needs. We are committed to increasing awareness of this condition and will continue to provide the best services we can to our students with autism as we do for every student.

Each April 2, Autism Speaks celebrates Light It Up Blue along with the international autism community, in commemoration of the United Nations-sanctioned World Autism Awareness Day. Light It Up Blue is a unique global initiative that kicks-off Autism Awareness Month and helps raise awareness about autism. In honor of this historic day, many iconic landmarks, hotels, sporting venues, concert halls, museums, bridges and retail stores are among the hundreds of thousands of homes and communities that take part to Light It Up Blue. Hilliard City Schools encourages all students, staff and community members to wear blue this Wednesday to raise awareness.