Life Cycles Lessons Cross Grades

Child researching animals on iPad

Students at Hoffman Trails Elementary are busy learning about life cycles. The kindergartners are researching about animals. The first graders are learning about a pond animal that is native to Ohio. They will conclude their study with a field trip to Battelle Darby Creek to explore and look for plants and animals. Second grade students are learning about composting and the important role worms contribute to the process. They have been observing the worm activity in their classrooms. The third graders are witnessing the life cycle of a butterfly before their eyes. Each classroom received about 30 tiny caterpillars. Over the past few weeks, the caterpillars have been eating and changing. Many of them are in the chrysalis stage and the students are eagerly waiting for them to emerge. Fourth Graders are investigating fossils to get a glimpse about life in the past. Fifth graders are examining owl pellets to learn more about the owl’s behavior and their complex food chain.

Sharing lessons across the entire school provides a sense of community for the students when they can share details with each other.