Summer Plans with District Sports

All three high school mascots

As a parent, scheduling time during the summer for family vacations can be challenging with sports schedules. The Hilliard City School District is blessed to have dedicated, passionate coaches willing to create opportunities for our athletes during the summer months. Our summer conditioning programs, camps, and leagues keep our students involved, reinforce a strong work ethic, and create a team culture.

While our summer activities are outstanding, we also want our “kids to be kids” and recognize the importance of family time during the summer months. Pediatricians and psychologists all agree – a break from organized athletics for a week or two is essential for both physical and mental well-being.

As our middle and high school families consider plans for the summer, please know two district expectations-

First of all, there will be no athletic activities in any Hilliard City School District Middle or High School from Sunday, June 28, 2020, through Sunday, July 5, 2020. The district will have a “dark period” for all athletic activities. There will be no organized or voluntary workouts during this week; coaches will not provide suggested individual workouts or activities. Hilliard athletes will have a full week on their own.

Secondly, the first official day for OHSAA Fall Sports is August 1, 2020. Any and all activities in June and July are considered optional. Of course, if student-athletes are in town, we believe it is essential that we train and condition with their teams and coaches. Athletics teach discipline and reward hard work. Success in competition is earned through intentional preparation and skills development. We also recognize the importance of family time. If your family schedules a vacation any time during June and July, please do so with the confidence Hilliard athletes will not be punished or face negative consequences. A family vacation will not impact team assignments and playing time.

We encourage multi-sport athletes and are proud of the collaboration between coaches in our schools. Our intentional focus on culture and commitment to open communication creates better opportunities for our children. If you have specific questions about a summer schedule or requirements, please begin by asking the head coach or athletic director at your school.