Mrs. Prati Goes to Egypt

“I think it’s safe to say that we have all learned so much with the addition of World Language to our curriculum!” says Mrs. Prati after her week long trip to Egypt during our spring break.  Mrs. Prati was honored to be selected as part of the selection committee for applicants to the Teachers of Critical Languages Program.

The Teachers of Critical Languages Program (TCLP) is a program of the U.S. Department of State designed to increase the study and acquisition of important world languages in U.S. schools. TCLP brings teachers from China, Egypt and Morocco to eligible U.S. elementary and secondary schools to teach Chinese and Arabic for an academic year. American students benefit from having native Chinese and Arabic speakers in the classroom and from a broadened foreign language curriculum.

Mrs. Prati traveled with two other people from the US to join an interview team made up of employees from the US Embassy in Egypt and the Ministry of Education in Egypt.  They spent three days interviewing 46 candidates for TCLP.  About this experience, Mrs. Prati states, “The interviews were fascinating and opened my eyes to a completely different culture.” At the end of the three days we selected 10 candidates and a few alternates.

During her trip, Mrs. Prati had a large number of amazing experience:

  • Visited the Pyramids of Giza (and even went inside one) and the Sphinx
  • Rode a camel,
  • Went to the Egyptian Museum
  • Ate stuffed pigeon,
  • Did a lot of shopping,
  • Ate Koshari,
  • Drank sugarcane juice,
  • Rode the subway,
  • Took a boat ride on the Nile at Night,
  • Visited Cairo Tower and the Citadel.

Here are some photos from Mrs. Prati’s trip: