iPad Setup Instructions For Print

Once you are at the Hello screen, follow these instructions to set up the device:

  1. Select your preferred language.
  2. Select ‘United States’.
  3. If you see the Quick Start page, choose ‘Set Up Manually’.
  4. Connect to the nearest wireless network.
    • If you are in school, select ‘HCSD – Student’ wifi.
    • Enter your username (student ID/Lunch Number) and district password.
  5. Tap ‘Join’.
  6. If you are in school, on Certificate Screen > Tap ‘Trust’ then ‘Next’.
  7. On the Remote Management Screen, tap ‘Next’.
    • **If you receive an error saying, ‘Invalid Profile’, tap ‘Back’ and then ‘Next’. You may need to repeat these steps 2-3 times.
  8. Again, enter your username (student ID/Lunch Number) and district password.
  9. Tap ‘Join’ then ‘Next’.
  10. Tap ‘Enable Location Services’.
  11. You will arrive at the Home Screen.
  12. Look for the Jamf Self Service app. This can take several minutes to appear.
      • Go here to install district apps you may need. i.e. Notability, Explain Everything, Zoom.
      • Please note that it could take up to 24 hours from the time you request that app until it is installed on your device.

    JAMF Self Service

  13. Tap to open the Self Service app.
  14. Tap ‘Allow’ to allow Notifications from this app.
  15. Tap ‘Continue’.
  16. Other considerations:
    • You will first need to download/install these apps from the Jamf Self Service kiosk before you go through the following Setup directions…
      1. Google Drive
      2. Canvas
      3. Notability (not all grade levels)
      4. Email (grades 6-12 only)
  17. If you see a request to log into jamfcloud.com, choose ‘cancel’.
  18. All students in grades 3-12 MUST setup a passcode to unlock their iPad.
    • Create a passcode you will remember.
    • When the ‘Passcode Requirement” window pops up select ‘Change now’.
    • Enter 4 or more numbers and/or letters.
    • Tap ‘Continue’.
    • Re-enter passcode and tap ‘Set Passcode’.
  19. This school year you will not need to have a personal Apple ID.
  20. Students will not have the App Store on their iPad (PreK-12).
  21. All district assigned apps will now be available through the Self Service App on your iPad.
  22. Congratulations, Your iPad is ready for use!
  23. If you need further assistance, please submit a ticket on HelpDesk.


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