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The walls of the Innovation Campus are talking again!

Students, staff, and visitors alike have long said that one of their favorite things about our buildings are the inspirational quotes and creative designs that pop off of the colorful walls. These are constant reminders of the uniqueness of the Innovation Campus and provide another level of value to the student experience.

The most recent addition to the walls of the ILC is a “Gratitude Tree” that comes as a result of inspiration from Cristin O’Riordan’s 7th and 8th grade course, The Happiness Equation. This is the first year that this course has been offered on Campus. Inspired by one of Harvard’s most popular electives, students are learning the power of gratitude in their daily lives. They cover topics such as self-esteem, joy, friendship, humor, empathy, and many more, all with the goal of uncovering their own personal brand of Happiness.

So, the next time you visit the ILC, don’t forget to stop in and do your part to add to the Gratitude Tree!

To follow the happenings in Mrs. O’Riordan’s course follow her on Twitter:  @cristinoriordan