Hilliard City Schools | Ready for Tomorrow

To help students get to know each other even better and develop a sense of empathy, students are taking on the role of a teacher as they go through the Design Cycle to plan a lesson to teach their peers. Students get to teach a lesson on anything they’re passionate about, think about all of the ways that they can engage their classmates, and put their lessons to the test phase of the Design Thinking cycle. Some of the lessons we’ve experienced so far include learning about the history of rap music as students made their own raps, participating in a cupcake creation contest, learning to write complete sentences in French, and practicing various basketball drills in the gym! This has been a fun way to get the kids excited about something they’re already passionate about while taking on the role of a leader, and putting themselves in a teacher’s mindset as they have to construct purposeful grouping and keep their peers engaged for a whole lesson!

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