Hilliard City Schools | Ready for Tomorrow

Check back weekly for a view of the campus through the eyes of Mr. Vroom… 

While we use each week to refine our craft as teachers and grow in the instruction we provide our students, two days within each school year are set aside for specific and targeted professional development for teachers in the Hilliard City Schools. 

Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 5th is one of those two days. Being an educator here in Hilliard, our teachers have an impressive amount of support in all aspects of their craft. Being a teacher here at the Innovation Campus, we are constantly striving to support the work at each of our students home buildings while also offering an experience that is unlike any other. 

And, while our students will be home tomorrow enjoying a day off from their learning, know that their teachers will be hard at work learning from each other as they receive professional guidance from their colleagues in the HCSD. Lastly, we appreciate the teachers here on the Campus that have stepped up and taken the challenge to share out the work that we do during one of these sessions. It is one thing to be the teacher of students, it is another to be a teacher of teachers. Tomorrow we will be learning how we can continue our own growth as educators. We are excited to learn of ways to make connections, build skills and demonstrate we are committed to ensure that our students are Ready for Tomorrow.