Innovation has an Impact

Hilliard City Schools

idea_light_bulb_1600_clr_5951Scott Anthony, with the Innosight Institute, defines Innovation as “something different that makes an impact.” Well the McVey Innovative Learning Center (MILC) is clearly something different . . . and it will certainly have an impact for the students in the Hilliard City Schools.

Innovation isn’t about increasing spending; the MILC was born from a vision of a school without boundaries. It is housed in an existing structure within the Hilliard City Schools and it was staffed without adding additional licensed teachers to the district payroll. Hilliard Schools reallocated teaching and administrative positions to the MILC to provide instruction and leadership for students. Innovation is about doing something different and making an impact.

The McVey Innovative Learning Center is an incubator for changing instruction; it is an opportunity for Hilliard Schools to truly impact how we educate children. Students at the MILC are empowered to take control of their own learning, inspired to solve problems and embraced as individual learners. Our dedicated teachers are reinventing education and modeling lifelong learning. The MILC is a partnership – a commitment to meet students where they are and to ensure they are Ready for Tomorrow.

I truly believe that the McVey Innovative Learning Center will serve as a model for how instruction can better serve students. It isn’t about abandoning traditional education, as this is still a strong option for some students. The MILC is about opportunity; the opportunity to personalize instruction for each student. Hilliard Schools will continue to innovate and bring an exceptional value to our community.