McVey Innovative Learning Center Open House

The McVey Innovative Learning Center (MILC) will be holding an open house for all parents with a student attending one or more classes this school year. On Thursday, September 5th, 7:00-8:30 pm, the MILC staff will be available to share their vision for our classes and the experience your student will have this year. Please come for a short 15-minute presentation by your teacher, then have time to tour the new facility.

7:00 College Jumpstart, Academy INC, CBI, Academy VIBE A, Personal Success
7:15 College Jumpstart cont., Project INC, Academy EDU, Academy VIBE B, Personal Success
7:30 Humanities, Chinese 1, Project EDU, Project ROCK, Personal Success
7:45 Career Mentorship, Honors English 9, Chinese 2,3
8:00 Open Tours