Health Professionals Academy

Health Professionals Academy is a 2-year program held at the McVey Innovative Learning Center. It is a year-long course lasting two periods daily. This course is recommended for juniors and seniors with an interest in going into the medical or healthcare field. Project Health Professionals is also available to 8th grade students that have an interest in this career path.  Project HPA is a double-block, one semester course.

2016 High school class checking vital signs during a clinic

Health Professionals Academy is looking for students that are considering a future career in healthcare. Maybe you know for sure what you want to do, or maybe you have always been interested in how the body works. Mrs. Shaw works to expose students to the many opportunities available in healthcare today, with engaging speakers, trips to visit local agencies, and exploration and practice in class. The focus of learning is broad-based, topics that would apply to any professional in healthcare. These include infection control, body mechanics, vital signs, CPR, first aid, and wellness. As a registered nurse with over 20 years of experience in and around Hilliard, Mrs. Shaw can provide first-hand knowledge on what it is like to work in a variety of settings. The classroom is full of hands-on equipment that is used throughout the year. Check out the class Twitter @mrs_shawILC for pictures. Stop by sometime to tour the room, or contact Mrs. Shaw by email

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