College Jump Start FAQ

What is College Jump Start and how do I sign up?

This program is a dual enrollment partnership between Hilliard City Schools and Columbus State Community College that offers students the opportunity to earn both high school and college credits during their junior and senior years of high school. A student that wishes to join Jump Start will sign up for the program during scheduling at their home building and will then have to showcase readiness for college courses through the Accuplacer test. Students who achieve the required AccuPlacer test scores come to the ILC every day for two periods to take Columbus State Community College courses. 

What courses are available?

First-year CJS students (juniors or seniors) take Composition I and II, Psychology, and Sociology for a total of 14 semester credit hours.  Second-year CJS students (all seniors) take a combination of courses in the following areas: Political Science, Oral Communication, Philosophy (Ethics), or Math (College Algebra) for a total of 12 semester credit hours.

College Credit Plus at Columbus State Community College

What do students say about College Jump Start?

“College Jump Start is beneficial because it really puts students ahead in their academics. As a junior in highschool I am taking the same courses as my friends that are Freshmen in college and I’m not having to pay for it. Plus, the college admissions officers I’ve spoken with have said that Dual Enrollment is good for a highschool resume/transcript because it shows a level of maturity and preparedness that normal or AP classes couldn’t provide.” -Mia Miller, Darby junior

“College Jumpstart was one of the best decisions I’ve made. It’s a great opportunity to start college early and it’s free, so that’s even better. The classes are very interesting and it’s a whole new learning experience from high school classes” – Alexandra Kerr, Davidson junior

“This fantastic program, College Jumpstart at the Innovative Learning Center, was the first program I applied for that helped me truly feel like I was getting ahead with the resources I had. I’ve been told before of how my classes were “advanced” in some way, but I didn’t hear that from my teachers at Jump Start because they didn’t need to tell any of us that we were doing significant work. I’m incredibly privileged to have this program in my course of studies.” – Noah Reese, Bradley junior

“Even if English and Social Studies aren’t your forte, this program is absolutely worth it. If you’re willing to put in the time and effort, you’ll pass. It’s fun and exciting and you get to meet new people, all while going to college for free!” -Angi Buziewicz, Darby junior

** For more information on College Jump Start see page E-16 of the program of studies and be on the look out for informational nights with Tom Woodford the district college counselor.