New Parent Mentor

Jeff's headhsot

We are excited to announce Jeff Sloat is the new Parent Mentor for Hilliard City Schools. Jeff holds a Master’s degree in social work and is independently licensed in Ohio.  When he is not supporting Hilliard families through educational accommodations, Jeff is a Clinical Supervisor at Nemeth Counseling in Hilliard. There, he provides individual and family therapy to children and adults. Jeff’s career has been focused on helping underdogs, and he brings a heart to serve and strong advocacy skills to the Parent Mentor role. 

He has served as a surrogate parent for many years and has experiences on both sides of the table; providing services and accommodations as well as advocating for those who need them.  If our parents or guardians have questions or would like to work with Jeff, please e-mail or call him at 614-921-4002.