Building 3D Landforms at Avery

student working on his project

Fourth-grade students in Mrs. Burger’s class are researching how landforms change the surface of the earth in Science and Social Studies.  After completing student interest surveys, Mrs. Burger said they unanimously decided to complete their lessons using a hands-on, STEM approach.  Using paper plates, art supplies, paper cups, and construction paper they are each creating a 3D model to bring their research to life.

In this first introduction to STEM, Mrs. Burger says the lessons and projects will only student cutting for her projectgrow in depth as the year goes on.  In later classes, they will design projects, and reengineer those concepts to deepen their understanding.  Next, they will incorporate math into the lesson by having a budget to work with to “purchase” their supplies.  Bringing math, social studies, science, and reading together in one project gives students a look at how these concepts tie together and work in the real world.