2020-2021 School Supply Lists

School Supply Sale

With all the changes in shopping and school, we decided to go with a school supply company for the 2020-2021 school year rather than our independent sale that we have done previously. We chose 1st Day School Supplies because they are a local, professional, and high-quality company.

This year, the district has switched to a set list for all grades. This means that all 2nd graders in HCSD will have the same supply list. You can find the attachment below. If you would like to avoid shopping for the supplies, you can click here for the Hoffman Trails’ order form from 1stDay School Supplies. Here is a list of school supplies for each grade level: 20-21 school supplies

All grade level boxes are $25. This price does not include earbuds/headphones. This way, you can choose to bring in a set from home or the previous year. Otherwise, you can add headphones/earbuds on as an extra when you checkout. Please know that all students will need a pair of earbuds/headphones that will remain at school for the year. Also, we have found that K/1 students struggle to wear earbuds and are more successful with headphones.

Because of the health concerns, each student will be keeping their own supplies for the school year. There will not be any community supplies in the classroom. All boxes will be delivered to the classroom by the 1st day of school. If there is an option for eLearning and you choose to do it, you may pick up your box at school.