A message from our Principal, Mr. Hart

HCSD Preschool Cubby

Hello Preschool Families,

I wanted to reach out to you all to help answer some of the questions you may have. There have been some changes but there are also still some unknowns. Peer Parents, we are excited to share that we will have a lesson plan for you each week to follow until we return our Peers to the Program! This will allow your children to access the curriculum we will be using this year. Please see the attached Questions and Answers. If you have any additional questions please call the office.

Preschool FAQ’s

When will we know if the preschool will have peers this year?

Governor Dewine has increased ratios for daycare’s. HCSD preschool is currently waiting on directions from Ohio Department of Education as to when the ratios will increase for special needs preschools. We will be in contact with families about re-opening the Peer program as soon as we receive this guidance.

Will my special education student go to the preschool four days a week?

As long as the district is not in our E-learning mode, HCSD students with disabilities will be serviced on the regular preschool schedule beginning September 1. If the district is in an E-learning mode our preschool students will begin virtually as well.

If I want to withdraw my student from the Peer program can I receive a refund of my deposit?

Yes if you would like to withdraw your student from the Peer program please email Joanne_clayton@hboe.org and she will begin processing your refund.

Can the preschool hold my deposit until the first month of the reentry of peers?

Yes, if you have placed a deposit it will go towards the first month that we have re-implemented our Peer program.

Will there be any lesson plans or opportunities for our peers prior to the reentry of those students?

Yes, our special education online teacher will provide a lesson plan weekly for our peers. Mr. Hart will include that in his weekly communication with families. This will allow our peers to begin working on our school curriculum.

If I am uncomfortable sending my special education student to the preschool this year will there be a virtual option?

Yes, if you have a special education student and would like to keep them home this year please email Mr. Hart directly to request online learning.

When will I know who my child’s teacher is?

The preschool will begin mailing letters this week with school supply list and teacher introductions for our special education students.

Will preschool students be required to wear a mask?

We will not require students to wear masks. However, we are going to strongly recommend that our students attempt to wear a mask if possible.

If Parents are not allowed in the Building how will get our children into the school?

Preschool staff will come outside to bring students into the school. More details about this process will be shared closer to school starting.