Hilliard City Schools

marschhausen_john_hcsdHilliard School’s vision is to ensure every student is Ready for Tomorrow.

But, what does that really mean?

It is more intricate than simple academic performance on a standardized test. School performance can’t be measured by a single letter grade; school performance is complex. We must educate, and cultivate, the whole child providing exposure to the arts, leadership, citizenship, and athletics.

So, in Hilliard, we challenged ourselves to dig deeper.

We Measured Hope.

Propelling us through challenges, overcoming negative experiences, and carrying us over obstacles: Hope.

Hope fuels persistence and hope drives perseverance. According to Gallup, hope is a better predictor of future success than GPA or ACT scores. Hilliard City Schools administered Gallup’s Student Experience Survey this fall; this is the first large-scale administration of this instrument in Hilliard.

It is now time to reflect on results, set goals for improvement and prepare to administer the Student Experience Survey again in the spring. We will be looking for improvement in all areas, but with a specific focus on hope.

Hope for success.

Hope for a better, brighter tomorrow.

We are on a journey together – a journey to prepare the next generation of leaders. As we prepare each individual child with an emphasis on personalization and growth we will always focus on academics; but, we will not limit our vision of what a world-class education must also include: Belonging, Engagement and Hope.

It is through hope that the dreams of our young people can transform into reality, and truly bring the vision we have in Hilliard to life.