Hilliard Leading the Way with Innovation, Education

Hilliard City Schools

marschhausen_john_hcsdChange and innovation is coming quickly to public education in Ohio and Hilliard Schools are ready. So ready, in fact, that we are poised to lead the way. So, what does innovation in public education mean? It means that we must create a personalized education for students and increase the use of technology in our schools in order to get us there.

In Hilliard innovation is marked by initiatives such as the McVey Innovative Learning Center (ILC). Interest and demand for ILC programs – one which couples a traditional learning experience with an online one – far exceeded expectations. Students and parents alike were interested in the personalized education that would be delivered with the challenge and guidance of Hilliard teachers.

Using the successful ILC model as an example we are seeking to expand our programming to include even more challenging curriculum for students. Moreover, this will be funded at zero starting cost to residents thanks to a grant awarded to Hilliard from the state of Ohio’s Straight A fund.

What can residents expect? The expansion of programs – in large part due to a Straight A grant from the state – will include a new Academy MD program to prepare our students for a future in medical fields. The new Code U program will bring new technical and programming opportunities to Hilliard students through an expanded partnership with Tolles Career Center. These programs are becoming a reality after conversations and interaction with our community. The Technology Task Force – comprised of multiple groups and representing our diverse community – provided direction and leadership for our instructional future.

Public education is in a period of rapid change; we have a huge responsibility. Our mission – to ensure that every student is ready for tomorrow – requires personalized instructional opportunities for students, dedicated and fearless teachers and innovative learning environments. We must engage in conversations as a community, we must share our ideas about where education is going and we must be willing to work through the uncertainty of change.

Sharing ideas, dreams and plans requires trust. Not every dream will become a reality and not every conversation will lead to resolutions. There are times we will disagree and there will be opportunities for compromise. Creativity and innovation are essential; as a district we are committed to engaging our community about our shared future. As you can see, we are intent on leading the change.

Looking ahead, the future will bring more conversations and more changes for public schools. We will be discussing the structure of our schools, future budgetary needs and future building plans. We will openly share our dreams and ideas; we will partner with you to provide for our students. It is imperative that we cultivate a collaborative environment and develop trust. Strong communities and strong schools are synonymous – my dream is to continue to build the conversation.