Heritage Students Discover Why You Matter

students holding their signs

The Why You Matter campaign was created to promote a positive community and a sense of belonging for all of the students and staff at Heritage Middle School.

Our classroom teachers took a day to have students think about why they matter, write about it, and share it. These were tough discussions, but essential in order to create a sense of belonging in the school community. Each student came up with a reason as to why they matter. They were photographed with their written responses. Each photograph was turned into a poster and hung around the school for all to see.

Along with the photographs, the students heard a message from the poet, Sara Holbrook, that inspired creativity and helped them discover their “why.” Throughout the day, students went through various rotations to get to know their peers and staff members on a deeper level.

Being Ready for Tomorrow begins when students feel a sense of belonging in their school. Hilliard is committed to teaching not only academics but interests and mindsets in order to educate the whole child.