Two Hour Early Dismissal

For Davidson High School Only

As you may be aware, Hilliard Davidson is hosting one of two vaccination clinics for Franklin County Educators this week. In coordinating this large-scale event with the Hilliard Division of Police, we have been advised to utilize an early release for Davidson students on Tuesday and Wednesday, February 2nd and 3rd. This means Davidson will release at 12:32 pm. This is before the vast majority of educators from all across Franklin county begin showing up for their vaccinations.

Buses will still provide transportation to and from school for those students who ride one. ILC and Hub students will remain at Davidson to work on their courses through Canvas. You can see the full bell schedule below.

The decision to do an early release is taken very seriously. We understand there can be frustrations from our families with this decision. Please remember this is part of our goal to return to all-in, five days a week instruction.

2-Hour Early Release Schedule:

Period 1 – 7:40   –  8:13
Period 2 – 8:17   –  8:50
Period 3 – 8:54   –  9:27
Period 4 – 9:31   –   10:04
Period 5 – 10:08  –  10:41
Period 6 – 10:45  –   11:18
Period 7 – 11:22  –   11:55
Period 8 – 11:59   –  12:32

Early Release: 12:32 p.m.