Tuesday, November 23

Hilliard Davidson High School

MORNING ANNOUNCEMENTS  Tuesday November 23, 2021

Good Morning, Hilliard Davidson!  Today is Tuesday, November 23, 2021, and these are your morning announcements.

CATS Quote for today  You’re not always responsible for the circumstances of your life. You are always responsible for the quality of your life.  ~Brian Kight

Happy Birthday to:  Madison Bozarth, Frantzcia Forisma, Hattie Plinke & Dhyani Patel

Happy Holiday Birthday to: Naz Al Jaf, Lydia Schroyer, Munawar Mayow, Catherine Thomas, Leo Ward, Rayan Semreen, Sasha Canary, Olivia Chase, Lacie Snyder, Abdulla Karzoun, Fama Seck, Evelyn Erdy, Adrick Phillips, Cecilia Randall, Ava Kincaid, Saloni Patel, Zaid Tate, Josh Raimey, Evan Lewis, Ramy Ouari & Ava Pusateri


The next meeting of Future Medical Career Club will be on Tuesday November 30th from 2:45 to 3:30 in room 232. We will have a pharmacist joining us that day! See you then!

Chess club will be meeting today after school in room 222.

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving Break from the Davidson Speech and Debate Club! If you’d like to join us for a lighthearted and fun debate to start off your break then stop by room 202 after school today! Our topic is “what is worse, severe acid rain or a sharknado?”

The Black Student Alliance will be meeting today after school in room 260.


There are still many obstacles facing Native Americans. For example, speaking economically, “The median household income for American Indian and Alaska Natives is $45,448, as compared to $65,845 for non-Hispanic households.

Davidson’s annual food drive, “HELP US HELP OUR OWN,” will start on Tuesday, November 30 and will run for four days, through Friday, December 3rd. Food collected through your third period class will be collected everyday and tallied up by third period class. Everything collected will help students and their families at Davidson and the rest will be taken to the food pantry. Will your class be the winning class and claim rights to the trophy that Mr. Bauer’s class currently has?