Thursday, February 13

Hilliard Davidson High School

MORNING ANNOUNCEMENTS Thursday, February 13, 2020

 Good Morning, Hilliard Davidson!  Today is Thursday, February 13, 2020, and these are your morning announcements.

 CATS Quote for todayLittle minds are tamed and subdued by misfortune; but great minds rise above it. ~Washington Irving

Happy Birthday to:  Kelsey Cruz Bolanos, Clayton Hobbins, Elyse Kesterson, Macyn Morelli, Kyleigh Printz & Derek Shinn

Happy Weekend Birthday to:  Liam Hanley, Daiki Matsuoka, Jeanine Shkoukani, Tareq Shkoukani, Skyler Smith, Ashley Balster, Owen Johanssen, Mark Karman, Zachary Lewis, Gabriel Rice, Hayden Shuster, Caitlin Cramer, Elisabeth Harry, Madison Heston, McKenzie Heston, Caleb Hughes, Nathan Kuntz, Brett Lehwald, Francisco Lopez, Benjamin Mathes, Layne Smith, Eric Conkle,Hamssa Dahir, Brooke Elliott, Dylan Evans, Logan Harris, Jada Johnson, Caitlyn Jones, Natalie Myers, Kamira Swank & Victor Trinidad


Looking to send a special message to a Valentine? Renaissance will be selling lollipops at all lunch periods today through Wednesday. You can personalize a message and have it delivered to your valentine on Thursday. They are only $1. Celebrate your valentine!!

Join Environmental Club after school today in room 216 as we take a look at water quality. We’ll get to try a couple of experiments and plan for future water quality testing. New members are always welcome! Questions? See Mrs Bloom

Looking for a sweet treat for Valentine’s Day? Thirst Project has you covered! For just one dollar you can send a candy gram to your best friend, favorite faculty member or maybe even a special someone ! Find their table at lunch time to make someone’s day!

Join French Club after school for a blind chocolate tasting of more than twenty different kinds and flavors of chocolate. The person who can correctly identify the most different flavors of chocolate will win a prize of candy and, you guessed it, more chocolate. The meeting will take place in the French room and is open to any French students. Bring your friends and come stuff your “bouche” with chocolate.


Can you spot fake news or would you be fooled? Consider some of these tips when deciding: check the domain name – many fake outlets add .co at the end of reputable sites; check for spelling errors, ALL CAPS, and currency of the article; check to see if the information is available on other sites; and consider using a fact checking site.


Any girl interested in playing soccer next fall should come to our informational meeting on February 18th at 6:30pm in the Commons! Go Cats!