State Report Cards

Today the Ohio Department of Education released the State Report Cards.  The Hilliard City Schools received an overall B for this year.  This is the second year schools and districts were assigned an overall letter grade which is calculated using six components: achievement, progress, gap closing, improving at-risk K-3 readers, graduation rate and prepared for success.

“The Hilliard City School District utilizes the State Report Card as one, of many, data points we consider to measure our progress as a district.” Said Dr. John Marschhausen, Hilliard Superintendent.  “We truly value the whole child; the State Report Card has some limitations. We will use the data from this report card to identify the areas for improvement that align with our mission and vision.”

Our school district, much like an annual physical, takes time each year to conduct our annual check-up.  Just as multiple measurements are evaluated as part of our yearly physical, we take into account a holistic approach to educating each child.  Evaluating our district’s performance is a complex, often complicated process.  The more diverse our population – both economically and socially – the more complex the evaluation process.  The more programs and services required to meet student needs – the more complicated our assessment process.

“Our professional teachers are the key to a high-quality education. Hilliard uses standardized assessments, teacher assessment, and professional skills to ensure every student is Ready for Tomorrow.”

We are proud of the gains we made in the Gap Closing component, which measures how well schools are addressing the achievement gaps that exist nationwide between our most vulnerable populations of students and the general student population in the areas of English language arts, math, and graduation.

“Standardized tests are one tool Hilliard uses to measure student growth. We embrace the complexity of the educational process; we have dozens of data points that are all included in analyzing each student’s growth and needs.”

We will continue to be honest and open about our performance.  We don’t meet every mark; we aren’t meeting every student’s needs.  We can, and we must do better.  Just as there are often places to improve our physical health, there are always places we need to improve as a district.  Furthermore, needing to improve isn’t the end . . . It is a beginning.  We live our Passion for Growth and commit to doing the work necessary in the coming year.