Friday, November 19

Hilliard Davidson High School

MORNING ANNOUNCEMENTS  Friday November 19, 2021

Good Morning, Hilliard Davidson!  Today is Friday, November 19, 2021, and these are your morning announcements.

CATS Quote for today  I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think

– Socrates

Happy Birthday to:  Saana Zia, Jayden Phillips, Parker Reinhart, Jeremiah Brown, Emma Gehrke, Grace Oppenheimer & Mia Warfield

Happy Weekend Birthday to:  Conner Bullen, Andrew Lewis, Connor North, Brett Hutter & Brigani Martinez


The next meeting of Future Medical Career Club will be on Tuesday November 30th from 2:45 to 3:30 in room 232. We will have a pharmacist joining us that day! See you then!

The general meeting for KEY CLUB is Monday, Nov. 22. after school in room 202. We will. be planning a gingerbread house project, we will be making cards for Nationwide Children’s hospital and taking orders for Key Club t-shirts. Please pay attention to the Davidson Instagram posts and our Canvas announcements!

Ski Club – today is the last day submit orders and payments for your ski club shirt or sweatshirt. Make sure you meet the deadline!

Chess club will be meeting after school Monday and Tuesday November 22nd and 23rd after school in room 222.


Found at lunch yesterday – a retainer in a purple case. Please claim in the office.

In World War I and World War II, Native Americans played a significant role as code talkers, leading to extremely successful communication operations. Navajo Native Verna Volker shared, “We’re very proud of our Navajo code talkers in World War II. They used the language to send these messages that, at the time, the Japanese couldn’t interpret. So they recruited these Navajo young men to make this code in the Navajo language—they always call it ‘the unbreakable code.’ And [the men] never got recognized when they got back for what they did—it was years later.” Their instrumental impact remained classified until 2002, when Congress acknowledged and celebrated the efforts of these brave soldiers, saying that at  “… a time when Indians were discouraged from practicing their native culture, a few brave men used their cultural heritage, their language, to help change the course of history.”

Seniors: Please check Naviance regularly for scholarships. We’ve added our first local scholarship for this year….The John Kudart Skilled Trades Scholarship. Check it out!

Today the Life Skills Classroom will be selling Brownies in the commons during lunch periods. Brownies are 50 cents each.

A recent supply chain shortage has, unfortunately, forced us to temporarily switch back to styrofoam trays for use during lunch. Compostable trays will return to the lunchroom when supply becomes available, but until then, please continue to stack your trays on the appointed tables at lunch to save space within our trash cans. Thank you.

Davidson’s annual food drive, “HELP US HELP OUR OWN,” will start on Tuesday, November 30 and will run for four days, through Friday, December 3rd. Food collected through your third period class will be collected everyday and tallied up by third period class. Everything collected will help students and their families at Davidson and the rest will be taken to the food pantry. Will your class be the winning class and claim rights to the trophy that Mr. Bauer’s class currently has?


Tonight at 7pm, our Davidson basketball programs will be kicking off the start of their seasons with their annual Wildcat Madness event. This will be a fun meet the teams event for all levels. There will be fun activities and giveaways throughout the evening, and we will cap the night showcasing our varsity teams. We hope to see everyone there Friday at 7pm. To get into the event we are asking that everyone bring at least 1 canned food item. GO CATS!