Register for Advanced Placement (AP) Testing

Beginning this year, College Board has moved the registration for AP exams from the spring to
the fall. In schools in which this has been piloted, they have found that students who commit to
taking the test in the fall have increased their test scores on AP exams overall.
Students and teachers will also have access to digital resources throughout the year that measure
student progress. These resources are available to help students master the content and skills to
be successful in the course and on the exam.

Preferred exam registration is through MyPaymentsPlus. You may also pay via cash or check to
Mrs. Leeka in the Guidance Office.
● The registration window is 9/23/19 – 11/1/19
● Each AP exam is $94. Students who qualify for free/reduced lunch will pay $0, but must still register via MyPaymentsPlus.
● The AP exam calendar can be found here:

Please feel free to reach out to Rachel Creamer or Norb Fischer if you have any questions.
Rachel Creamer:
Norb Fischer: