After many discussions internally and with Heritage MS administration, we will be making some changes to the traffic flow at Darby HS.  Earlier this week, in coordination with HPD, HCSD Central Office, and HCSD Transportation we watched the traffic patterns for student drivers, student pick-up and busses.  Many of you might have noticed a group of people out near our flag pole at dismissal.  The things I heard that were posted on social media were that we had “undercover police officers” out roaming the area so there must be something wrong…NO…that is not true!  But I digress…

Here is a revised map of our updated traffic flow.  There are a few important points of emphasis that you need to know.  These changes will take place on Monday March 14th in the afternoon.  We will evaluate these changes for the week leading up to spring break to see if we need to adjust accordingly.  There will be NO changes for traffic in the morning!

  1. The gate that separates Darby and Heritage will be CLOSED in the afternoon!  Traffic will NOT be able to exit from Darby through the Heritage parking lot!
  2. Student Pick-Up – Nothing changes except your exit from the staff/visitor lot.  You will turn left and then right to the stop sign at Leppert Rd.  You will NOT be able to exit to the student lot OR through the Heritage parking lot!  As we have expressed on numerous occasions, the stadium lot is also a great place for student pick-up with easy easier exits.
  3. Bus Line-up and Exit – Busses will move the line-up to the service road between the stadium and fieldhouse.  Students riding the bus will be able exit out of any door in the rear of the building, fieldhouse doors or the Leppert Rd doors (currently) to get to their bus in plenty of time.  This is the same line-up they use at Davidson currently, so we know that students should have no issues getting to their bus on time!  Busses will then exit from the service road that splits the stadium parking lot and the grove.
  4. Student Drivers – Student drivers will be able to exit any of the exit points from the student lots and stadium lots.  They will now be able to access the road that the busses line-up on currently.  Students will NOT be able to exit the student parking lot towards Heritage!  We will have this blocked off with cones!

We know that the traffic flow is not optimal but also not necessarily horrible either.  Like I have mentioned on a couple of occasions, our traffic is normally cleared out by 2:45 p.m., which is not bad at all when you consider the release times of all the buildings near us (Heritage, Station, HUB).  A little patience would go a long way!  Again, we will try this for a week and see how it goes.