Board to Consider Two Weeks of Data before Educational Mode Shifts

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During the Board of Education meeting on September 1, a resolution was passed, which will keep our district in the same educational mode for two weeks to provide consistency for our community.

If a change in the state advisory system would result in a shift to our current instructional mode, the district will make that shift only after two weeks of consistency in that advisory system level. In other words, if Franklin County were to move to Red, the District would not move back to all eLearning unless Franklin County remained Red for two consecutive weeks. The first week in a new Risk Level will be ‘the watch week’ a second week at the same advisory level will trigger a change the following Monday.

“We know that consistency is important for our families. This resolution provides stability for at least two weeks as we respond to the challenges of Covid-19, said Superintendent John Marschhausen. “We will continue to adapt our plans and adjust our models as required. I know some would like more long-term consistency, but I don’t believe that will happen in the near future. As we get local attendance and nurse visit data, we will respond quickly to isolate potential Covid risks. The district will continue to amend our plans based on available data and health professional recommendations.”

School Board President Mark Abate added, “We understand that our parents, students, and teachers need and want a sense of consistency as the school year progresses. We are pleased to be in a situation where we can have students back in our buildings in a hybrid mode, but we know that the data that we are tracking is dancing on the edge of the line between orange and red in the County’s color-coded risk levels. To stay true to our plans, while also giving our parents, students, and teachers a sense of consistency, we are going to put this plan in place to give our families more notice before we change learning modes.”

Board Vice President Lisa Whiting hopes this gives the community time to plan. “While the data is showing volatility, we want to provide dependability and want to provide our students, staff, and families adequate time to adjust,” Whiting said. “I want to assure our school community that we are monitoring our Hilliard Schools and the county data carefully and will continually monitor the effectiveness of our plan and the impact on student learning.”

As we move forward we appreciate your continued support.  Please continue to check our 20-21 School Year web page for the latest information.