2021-22 Commitment and Scheduling Process

As we begin the process to prepare for the 2021/22 school year, we know our families have many questions.  This information is for all parents/guardians, whether your student is attending in person or in the Online Academy.

Below are the steps you and your student will go through for each grade level.  Here are a few important things to remember for all ages:

  1. 2021/22 School Year Commitments are for the entire school year.  You will not have the option of choosing a half year, or switching between programs.
  2. The 2021/22 School Year Commitment forms will be sent out on April 5.  The only parents/guardians that need to fill out the Commitment Form are those enrolling their student in the Online Academy.  The deadline to enroll in the Online Academy is April 9.
  3. Teachers at the secondary level will be providing students with course recommendations in Home Access.  You can email your teacher if you have questions about their recommendation.
  4. Before making the commitment to the Online Academy be sure to review the available course offerings.  NOT ALL SECONDARY CLASSES ARE OFFERED IN THE ONLINE ACADEMY.

Please remember as we go through the next several weeks our principals, teachers and counselors are all available to help your family every step of the way.

All Incoming 9 -12 Grade Students

  • An information video will be posted on the High School web pages beginning March 1.
  • Students entering grade 9 will select courses March 1-9 in HomeAccess.
  • Students entering grades 10, 11, and 12 will select courses March 10-26.
  • You will be selecting both the course type and location, whether in the building or in the Online Academy.  REMEMBER, NOT ALL CLASSES ARE OFFERED IN THE ONLINE ACADEMY.
  • If you want to pursue college classes as an alternative to a world language, AP, or Honors course, you need to email Tom_Woodford@hboe.org to explore the options.  A College Credit Plus Intent Form will also need to be filled out.
  • The week of April 5-9 all parents/guardians enrolling their student in the Online Academy will need to fill out the 2021/22 School Year Commitment form with your decision for the entire school year.