Bradley celebrates Halloween at the scariest haunted houses in Ohio.

The following story was written by a student on the staff of The Jaguar Times as part of Hilliard Bradley High School’s Journalism Production course.

Jayla Shanmugam, Assistant Editor-in-Chief 

Spooky season is here and it’s time to celebrate! There are so many things to do such as apple picking, hay rides, and pumpkin patches during the autumn season. But for those who have a greater sense of adventure, a haunted house is always an option too. There is a large variety of haunted houses with over 25 to choose from! From the Haunted Hoochie to the Leisberg Caves, there are countless types of haunts for your Halloween entertainment!

The Jaguar Times investigated students and staff opinions on Haunted houses in Ohio. Miss Cowles commented, “When I was younger I went to the Lewisburg Haunted  Caves in Ohio and it was so scary.” The Lewisburg Haunted Caves are open from September 13th through November 2nd. It is located 80 feet below the ground in a limestone cave and is the world’s longest haunt. It even has 30,000 live bats! Miss Cowles also said that “They chased you around in caves, and it was so intense that I fell in there!” This is for sure a unique haunted house, that is not for the faint of heart! Mr. Gerber visited the Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield Ohio. He said the actors “ran after you with chainsaws and touched you with them. Even though the blades were off the chainsaws, it was really scary.”  The attraction is called blood prison and is open between September 27th to November 3rd. The cool part about this haunt is that is actually was a real prison with inmates wandering the halls years ago. The reformatory uses this to its advantage as it is supposed to have the horror from the actors, but also from real ghost! 

Abby Ullum (11), Avery Jantino(11), and Sydney Malehorn (11) standing in line for the Ohio State Reformatory. Photo taken by Jordan Thompson (11).

Abby Ullum (11), Avery Jantino(11), and Sydney Malehorn (11) standing in line for the Ohio State Reformatory. Photo taken by Jordan Thompson (11).

Even though adults love haunted houses, this is usually teenagers’ favorite thing to do during the fall time! Clare Flanagan (11) said, “ The Haunted Hoochie is my favorite because there is so much happening at once that you are not expecting.” Dead Acres, nicknamed the Haunted Hoochie is located in Pataskala, Ohio and is open from September 19th to November 2nd. This is a favorite among people all around the state due to the gore of the house. The intensity of the scare is so high because the actors will touch you. On their website they state that they are not trying to hurt you, but it is a very crowded experience, so touching will happen. This is something to consider before attending this terrifying haunt. Next, Savannah Montgomery (12) said that the 13th floor is her favorite haunted house. She said that she loves this haunt so much because “Superstitions are really intriguing and it has everything scary you could think of. Honestly, the busier they are the more scary it is”. 13 Floors is located in Columbus, Ohio and is open from September 13th to November 9th. There is two haunt options The Clown and The rise of the Dead. Both attractions have captivating appeals in their own creative ways!

There are so many haunted attractions to choose from in Ohio, whether it is something more gory like Dead Acres or more adventurous like Lewisburg Haunted Caves. The Jaguar Times hopes that you found some inspiration embrace your inner Halloween Spirit! So grab your bravest friend and go celebrate this Halloween season at a haunted house!