The PlayStation 5 is a step up from all consoles

The following story was written by a student on the staff of The Jaguar Times as part of Hilliard Bradley High School’s Journalism Production course.

by Tre Foley, Staff Writer

The PlayStation 5 was set to be released holiday 2020 but has not yet been dropped. However, there is a lot already known about the PlayStation 5. The PlayStation 5 or PS5 includes a lot of improvements from the PS4. Those improvements include, faster loading times, 8k support, and backwards compatibility. The PS5 also has a lot of rumors floating around so we’re here to make sure you only hear what’s true.

It was revealed that the PS5 will have an SSD hard drive to help download and load games faster than its predecessor. Another new feature is support hardware for ray-tracing for better graphics. Ray-tracing is a rendering technique for more realistic lighting. It’s basically a fancy way of saying that they’re simulating light to look like it would in real life. 

Hardware isn’t the only change to the PS5. The software is also getting an upgrade. The UI will be updated and will move a lot smoother thanks to its new hardware. Another exciting update is improved cloud gaming performance. PlayStation Now is a subscription service that allows you to play games from the PS2 and above. The PS5 will improve upon what was already built for the PS4 with PlayStationNow.

There’s a lot we already know about the PS5 and it doesn’t even have an official release date yet. It is a pretty well known console already. A few

students as Bradley were found to be excited about the PS5 such as Thomas Kitchen (9). When asked, what is his opinion on the PS5 and whether he thought it could combat PC, he replied, “I think it’s cool it’s a new console, and no I don’t think it can combat the PC. The PC is constantly evolving.” Caleb Treadway didn’t think the same way. He said, “ I think the PS5 is gonna be great and really next gen, but I also think it’s gonna be pricey. I think all consoles have combated PC, and I think it’s really just a matter of choice on what you prefer. I do plan on buying but definitely not at first, as I said it’s gonna be pricey and I just simply don’t have the money for that.” The PlayStation 5 seems to be lining up with what gamers at Bradley want. The real question is what the staff thinks.

The Jag Times interviewed Mr. Howard who already knows a lot about the PS5. He noted, “I’ve heard a lot about the specs of the Playstation 5, which I believe is promising. The most important improvement from the PS4 to the PS5, in my opinion, is the change from an HDD to an SSD, which will drastically decrease load times for games.” The improvement of the hardware is a very well known element of the PS5 and cannot be missed when you really look into it. Mr.Howard also said, “I don’t believe that consoles will ever compete with PCs in terms of power. This is because consoles are designed for simplicity and cost efficiency, while PCs can be custom built to be as powerful as possible with current technology.” The upgrades to the PlayStation 5 from the PlayStation 4 will make a significant difference in the user’s experience but the price is what will be the deciding factor on how well this console does.

Sony seems to be revealing everything about the PS5. It’s got all the hardware so far but there’s no games announced for it yet. That’s the major selling point when it comes to gaming. PlayStation’s future is held within this next console.