Seniors Ponder a Parking Lot

The following story was written by a student on the staff of The Jaguar Times as part of Hilliard Bradley High School’s Journalism Production course.

by Emily Siford, Arts and Style Editor

From left to right: Seniors Torry White, Kari Burnett, Olivia Davis, and Daniel Graber share their thoughts about whether or not Bradley should consider a new Senior parking lot. Photos by Emily Siford.

From left to right: Seniors Torry White, Kari Burnett, Olivia Davis, and Daniel Graber share their thoughts about whether or not Bradley should consider a new Senior parking lot.

   Many high schools all around the nation provide a separate parking lot for their senior class. Several high schools even allow their high school seniors to paint their own personal parking space and make it unique to them! Here at Bradley, all grades share the same parking lot. If you’re a driver at Bradley, you know how difficult finding a parking spot at 7:00 AM is. Some students are speeding through the parking lot because they’re late to first period, new drivers who can’t park correctly, or just simply not being able to find a parking spot! Wouldn’t it be nice to have a section of the parking lot, or a separate lot, for just seniors? The Jaguar Times asked some members of the senior class to get their opinions on our current parking lot and the possibly of a senior parking lot in the future.

The Jaguar Times asked seniors, Olivia Davis, Kari Burnett, Daniel Graber and Tory White a series of questions in regards to the idea of a senior parking lot:

-The Jaguar Times: “What do you think about the current student parking lot at Bradley?”

Olivia Davis: “The parking lot was fine before this year, but with the new Memorial, it’s very crowded.”

Kari Burnett: “Currently I think parking at Bradley isn’t terrible, but definitely not the best I’ve seen compared to other schools. I think parking in the morning isn’t bad, but leaving school at the end of the day is really hectic.”

Daniel Graber: “I don’t think there’s something wrong with the parking lot.”

Tory White: “I think the student parking lot was okay last year,  but now with the new memorial, we now have non-Bradley people going into the student parking lot entrance to drop off their kids at Memorial. And leaving the school is more complicated now with one side exiting to the left and the other side exiting to the right.”

-The Jaguar Times: “Would you be interested in having a senior parking lot?”

Olivia: “I wouldn’t really be interested in a senior parking lot because we (seniors) are practically done now and I don’t really see a point.”

Kari: “I think having a senior lot would be a great idea.”

Daniel: “The senior lot would be a nice thing for better parking for seniors.”

Torry: “I would be 100% for a senior parking lot.”

-The Jaguar Times: “How do you think a senior parking lot would benefit Bradley students?”

Olivia: “I do not think it would benefit Bradley. I don’t know like where it’d go and it would just mess up the parking lot now and it’d be confusing and a mess so it wouldn’t be beneficial in my opinion.”

Kari: “I think having a separate parking lot for seniors would be helpful because it would be helpful because it would he,l control the flow of the parking lot after school, and hopefully lower the traffic.”

Daniel: “I think it would benefit for the school because it would give the seniors a reward for all the time and hard work they’ve put in.”

Torry: “The benefits for having a senior parking lot space would be more people would be willing to pay for the parking pass (that you are supposed to buy…And most seniors have early out so you wouldn’t worry about parking spaces and less clusters when leaving school….Most people are ignorant and will blow right on by the stop sign near the stadium just to get out quicker.”

          The Bradley student parking lot situation clearly has a lot of improving, and hopefully future graduation classes will be able to enjoy the possibility of a senior parking lot or specific parking spots designated to only seniors. It would be a great privilege to be able to enjoy a closer parking spot to avoid the weather conditions, arriving to school extremely easily, and bad parking jobs. This may not affect the current seniors, but this could be a great change for future jaguars! Go Jags!