Proposed Programs of Study for 2023/24 School Year

Proposed Programs of Study for 2023/24 School Year

Our district’s Programs of Study provide students, families, and staff with vital information regarding course offerings, innovative learning experiences, graduation requirements, and post-secondary opportunities. As we look for ways to support the short- and long-term planning process for every student, without exception, it is imperative that our learners and families have clarity regarding the educational opportunities available within and outside our district. In addition, this process provides school staff the opportunity to evaluate programming and course offerings to ensure alignment among master schedules, approved courses of study, developed curricula, and student needs.

Here is a link to access a presentation that was given during the December 12 Board of Education Meeting – Programs of Study BOE Presentation – December 2022

Beginning in January, school counselors will meet with groups of students to provide an overview of the scheduling process – this is especially important when we think about transitions from one school to another. Teachers will also leverage the information included in the Programs of Study to make course recommendations for each student in core subjects. Students will have access to information in the Program of Studies and, in collaboration with their school counselor and family, will work to identify the most responsive course selections for the 2023-2024 school year. These requests are then used to inform the master scheduling process at each secondary building so that every student, without exception, has equitable access to high-quality educational opportunities in response to their interests and individual needs.

The Board will take action on the following Programs of Study during the January 9, 2023, meeting.

6th Grade Program of Studies 23-24

Middle School Program of Studies 23-24

High School Program of Studies 23-24

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