Journalism and Broadcast is a perfect elective course for students to take to get involved

The following story was written by a student on the staff of The Jaguar Times as part of Hilliard Bradley High School’s Journalism Production course.

by Amanda Nashalsky, Editor-in-Chief

Not many students know what takes place in a high school Journalism course, or even that the class is offered at Bradley. It is implied that writing stories for the school newspaper would consist of insane amounts of writing on a daily basis. What isn’t as commonly known is that the Journalism course is a mix of both the daily broadcast and the online newspaper. By participating in Journalism, students are able to make plenty of new friends, write about topics that follow their interests, and build a unique college resume.

Students taking Journalism in the 2019-20 school year have joined for many different reasons. Alana Bridges (9), joined “for the broadcast aspect but ended up really liking the writing portion”. Many of the students in the class really thrive when it comes to editing and producing the news for

The Jaguar Times is a group of like-minded students who work as a team but feel like family. Photo by Miss Braemer.

The Jaguar Times is a group of like-minded students who work as a team but feel like family. Photo by Miss Braemer.

the day, and have learned new techniques for the writing aspect too. Some other students such as Charlie Kaneer (11), MaKenzie Hilling (11), and Malachi Haynes (11), joined the course because they really enjoy writing. Charlie joined journalism “on a whim”; he always enjoyed creative writing and “the fact that [he] could put [his] work out onto a platform really enticed [him].” Makenzie chose to join not only because she “likes to write”, but also because she “wanted to be with a couple of [her] friends.” Since the class is only offered during fifth period, all students that join are guaranteed to have a class period together. Malachi joined Journalism because he “enjoy[s] creative writing” and because the “class seemed laid back with people who share similar interests with [him].” All of these students enjoy working creatively and were able to make new friends and develop new skills during the process.

Aside from the writing portion of the course, students find themselves having plenty of free time to work on other school work and socialize with their friends. This laid back classroom style allows journalism students to throw parties for nearly every holiday, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. Freshman, Alana Bridges, claims that going to Journalism is “one of my favorite parts of my school day.” What makes it so special to her is that the people “feel like family” and that they’re “always there to help you out or talk”. The additional free time is one of the reasons why Charlie Kaneer (11) loves the class, as the slower pace allows for “more love and creativity to be put into the stories you write.” Although it may seem like writing stories can be overwhelming, this class environment makes the process easier and more enjoyable!

For any students beginning to schedule classes for the next school year, Journalism is an awesome class to take! If interested, the applications to join can be found outside of Miss Braemer’s room (A232) and are due by February 17th. Ms. Braemer is also available to answer any additional questions about the course or even just the application process. We hope you give writing a chance and help make a difference at Bradley!