Getting a Job in High School Builds Character

by Emily Siford, Arts and Style Editor

From left to right: Kari Burnett (12) strikes a pose while working at Texas Roadhouse, Caitlyn Conklin (10) serves up some icy treats to guests at Smoothie King, and Katie Tieman (12) and Samy Vawter (12) pose for a picture after their shift life guarding.

           Around this time of the year, a lot of sophomores are turning 16; getting their license, which comes with the responsibility of buying gas. How can teenagers get money for gas, fast food, and other fun stuff? The best answer is, getting a job! A lot of kids are scared of getting their first job and that’s perfectly normal. However, most jobs offered to teenagers are pretty simple and easy. In this story I’ll be explaining some good reasons to get a job and some great places to work!

           In the cold Ohio winter, we are often forced to stay inside on snowy days. There is only so much Netflix and YouTube one can watch before getting so bored that you don’t know what to do with your time. An easy solution for occupying your spare time is getting a job! Working is a great way to occupy your time and make some extra cash! Another great reason is that by having a job keeps me occupied and focused throughout the school year. I have found myself doing the best and being the most successful when I am the busiest. During the fall and spring I have sports, school and work to balance; however those are the times when I have the best grades and I am the happiest. I know this may not apply to everyone but limiting your free time, also limits your time to stress, be upset and have negative thoughts! I’ve found having a job is really beneficial to my mental health and success in school, sports and life in general. Another great reason to apply for a job is just to have some  money! Having your own funds to spend on things you want/need is really nice! Being able to provide for yourself and buy yourself nice things that you worked hard for is a great feeling. Most jobs offered to teenagers don’t pay too much, but it’s better than nothing! Getting a job can be stressful, but overall I believe that it’s beneficial to everyone!

           On the other hand, only take on tasks you believe you can handle. Jobs can be huge time commitments and stressful at times! Make sure you set your work availability to what you can handle on top of your other important responsibilities. Also, don’t forget that you’re still a kid! Don’t work your life away for a couple extra dollars. Even if working just one or two days a week is all you can handle that is okay! Make sure you always put your mental health before your job because at the end of the day, you are the most important part of your life.

           Now, you may be wondering, where do I work as a teenager with little to no work experience? The good news is, many jobs hire teenagers. Food places, retail stores, local businesses, etc. are always looking for people to work for them! Many teenagers in Hilliard have interesting jobs. Here’s a list of some ideas for you:

  • Lifeguarding/swim instructor
  • Animal boarding/care facility
  • Hosting/serving at a restaurant
  • Babysitting or dog sitting
  • Retail stores at local mall or shopping plaza
  • Grocery stores
  • Music or art stores
  • Sports private lessons

           These jobs are just a couple simple ideas for great places to work for! Having a job as a teenager really teaches us responsibility and how to manage our own money. Anywhere you decide to work will be very beneficial towards you and your bank account! I hope this story encourages you to go out and apply to some places! Getting a job is a great way to start your new year!