Dating in high school: why it’s worth it

The following story was written by a student on the staff of The Jaguar Times as part of Hilliard Bradley High School’s Journalism Production course.

by Hannah Boggs, Arts and Style Editor

Bradley couples spending time together on some cute dates. Photo by Hannah Boggs.

Bradley couples spending time together on some cute dates. Photo by Hannah Boggs.

Many students are starting to go on dates in high school and trying to find the right person to spend a little time with, but is dating in high school really worth it? Relationships can cause as distractions for school work, but perhaps with some good communication and prioritizing time an amazing bond can be formed.

Romance is easy to get caught up in while in high school considering it’s in almost every television show, movie, or song. Teenagers tend to spend a lot of time trying to find a significant other to give their attention to. When asked if dating in high school is worth it, Junior, Connor Clarke said that it is worth it because “everyone needs to figure out healthy ways for dealing with their emotions”. Having someone there for you while you’re going through a tough time can help you with emotional support.

Maturity levels are different between all of the ages while in high school. Senior, Abby Ritch, said that dating in high school is worth it but “it definitely depends on the person”. She explained that “everyone’s maturity levels are different in high school so you just have to find someone who is on the same level as you!” With there being four different grades in one school, it can be hard to find someone who works well with you and your interests, so making sure that their maturity matches yours is super important!  

High school students can be very busy during high school. Junior, Baylie Lawrence said that dating high school can be too complicated because “communication is too bad at this age to keep a healthy relationship”. Students are very focused on academics and other extracurriculars that they may struggle to find time for one another.

Though most high school relationships don’t last forever, some may make it through high school and maybe become married! Science teacher, Mrs. Goodwin, married her high school sweetheart and said that dating in high school is worth it because she “found her soulmate”. She also added that the reason some students may struggle to maintain a healthy relationship is due to “immaturity, jobs, and extracurriculars”. Teenagers are very busy during the school year and can find it hard to make their partner a priority! 

Finding a good balance between friendships and relationships can be difficult. English teacher, Ms. Worth said that if a couple doesn’t “balance their relationship, then it can become a problem”. Sometimes, a new relationship is so exciting that you can forget about your friends or important school work, and then you can cause difficulties in your life. Ms. Worth also explained that “some people use other people to try and find their validity for who they are.” She mentioned that “you have to be happy with yourself, you can’t find other people to make you happy”. This is where a lot of high school relationships can struggle, one person tries to fix the other and it never turns out exactly how they want.

Ultimately, high school relationships are fun and can be really helpful in finding who you are as a person. Just make sure that you are keeping your priorities balanced and staying true to yourself!