Brand New Leadership Retreat Sparks Additional Leaders

The following story was written by a student on the staff of The Jaguar Times as part of Hilliard Bradley High School’s Journalism Production course.

by Mikhayla Draper, Student Life Editor

     The leadership retreat is a brand new tradition starting at Bradley this year! It is an overnight retreat happening at YMCA Camp Wilson in Bellefontaine, Ohio. There is a planning committee of ten senior students who were chosen by Miss Pressler and Miss Bergstrom to plan this year’s retreat.  The students have been working hard to put this together and have many goals for the students who apply to attend. The purpose of these two days is to help students find confidence in themselves and their leadership abilities. The retreat also hopes to improve communication skills and spark creativity and passion in everyone who attends. There will be keynote speakers sharing their leadership skills and stories and non-academic workshops led by some of Bradley’s very own teachers!

    The Jaguar Times asked Miss Pressler about her goals for the retreat. “I hope it will be something people are interested in every year and for it to become a solid tradition here at Bradley” (Pressler). When we asked how this retreat will help Bradley overall, Pressler said, “It will build student and staff character because we all will be working together. It will build Bradley culture and create more unity overall.”

    Kate Walker is a senior on the planning committee and explained her own goals, “I hope to see different kids from Bradley all coming together and having fun.”

     The Jaguar Times also talked to students who applied to attend the retreat. “I’m excited to learn new leadership skills and make new friends that have the same goals as me” (Owen Draper, 9). The Jaguar Times hopes the retreat all goes as planned and everyone has a great time!

Owen Draper, 9. Photo by Owen Draper

Owen Draper, 9 shares his excitement about the new Leadership Retreat. Photo by Owen Draper

Kate Walker, 12. Photo by Kate Walker

Kate Walker, 12. explains her goals for the Leadership Retreat. Photo by Kate Walker