Billie Eilish’s Album Continues to Wow Bradley Fans

The following story was written by a student on the staff of The Jaguar Times as part of Hilliard Bradley High School’s Journalism Production course.

by McKenzi Schultz-Apps, Staff Writer

On March 29th, 2019 Billie Eilish, a seventeen year old music prodigy, published her new album; “When we all fall asleep, Where do we go.” The album contains thirteen songs, nine new, and four previously published. The album itself has a dark undertone, but within each song lies a deeper meaning. Billie’s new album already has a billion streams on Spotify and millions of fans ecstatic with the production value of the overall album. The real question is does Billie Eilish new album exceed the standards everyone was hoping for?  I interviewed three students at Hilliard Bradley High School to see their insight on the new album.

Q: What are your top two favorite songs on the new album and why?

“‘Bad guy’ and ‘My strange addiction.’ The beat to ‘Bad guy’ is very different and the overall song is unique. ‘My strange addiction’ incorporates specific scenes from the comedic sitcom, The office which who doesn’t like Michael Scott,” Jaiden Bryant, (12).

“The song ‘Xanny’ really hits hard because, it talks about a subject that is very big and overseen in the lives of people, ranging from millennials to adults. Billie explains how she isn’t going to love someone who is going to put drugs in front of her. The song Ilomilo has a great beat and is very catchy,” Emma Hammond, (9).

Grace Bundy, (11) is happy about the new album. Photo by Grace Bundy.

Grace Bundy, (11) is happy about the new album. Photo by Grace Bundy.

“My favorite song on the album right now is ‘bad guy’. It’s so fun and energetic and would definitely be a fun song to experience live. My second favorite on the album right now is ‘Xanny’. It promotes a good message about sobriety and the production of the song is incredible as well as her vocals,” Grace Bundy, (11).

“My top two favorite songs are ‘Xanny’ and ‘All good girls go to hell’. I like ‘Xanny’ because of its unique message. The overall beat and sound produced in ‘All good girls go to hell’ is phenomenal,” Macie LoParo, (11).

Q: What is your least favorite song on the new album and why?

“I love all the songs, can’t say I have a least favorite one,” Jaiden Bryant, (12).

“The song ‘8’ which incorporates a young child’s voice is all around creepy and although it is trying to represent innocence it all around doesn’t make for a banger song.” Emma Hammond, (9)

Emma Hammond, (9) feeling the Billie Eilish vibes. Photo by Emma Hammond.

Emma Hammond, (9) feeling the Billie Eilish vibes. Photo by Emma Hammond.

“I don’t really have a least favorite. I love all of them, but I’d say the one I listen to the least is ‘all the good girls go to hell’. I think it’s a good song, but I think I just like all the others a little more,”  Grace Bundy, (11).

“My least favorite song is ‘I love you’. It’s a good song honestly, it’s just too slow for me and I’ve always liked her more upbeat music,” Macie LoParo, (11).

Q: What about Billie‘s music style do you like and why?

“It’s so unique–her style, her music and especially her music videos.  She isn’t afraid of being different and obviously that works for her,” Jaiden Bryant, (12).

“Billie’s style is original in the way that she uses lots of sound effects in the production and dives into subjects that can be hard for singers to talk about. The wide variety of song selection from her album gives you the capability to dance to her songs or listen when you’re sad. She is very versatile and doesn’t produce the same thing ever,“ Emma Hammond, (9).

“What I love about Billie’s music style is that it’s nothing like anything I’ve ever heard before. She’s so unique and has such an incredible voice naturally which is hard to find. I also love that her and her brother, Fineas (who is also a singer and songwriter), produce all of her songs all by themselves in his bedroom. It’s so crazy to think that all of her amazing songs were made in a tiny bedroom with a little homemade studio,” Grace Bundy, (11).

“I like that Billie’s music doesn’t fit in a category, she writes music with multiple different styles and attitudes and I like that when she releases new music you never really know what it’s going to sound like,” Macie LoParo, (11).

Billie Eilish did a phenomenal job on her album. It manifest all different types of emotional strings. Each song is different from the rest and can change your mood according to the song choice. Billie went above and beyond with her album and millions upon millions were beyond satisfied with the creative lyrics, beats and mind-boggling visuals.