FutureReady Columbus names Hilliard Administrator Executive Director.

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We would like to congratulate Jane Leach for being named the new Executive Director of FutureReady.

“I have no doubt that with Jane at the helm, FutureReady will develop and carry out our community’s vision for a comprehensive birth to five early learning and wellness strategy,” said Mayor Andrew J. Ginther, FutureReady Board Co-Chair. “Jane’s knowledge and passion for this work is well known in the community. She is a respected leader. “

During the last year, she chaired the Mayor’s Hilltop Early Childhood Partnership, with the goal of doubling the number of Hilltop children enrolled in quality early learning programs by 2020. She also founded Hilltop Preschool in 2007 to help prepare Hilltop’s most disadvantaged children for kindergarten.

“Jane Leach brings a positive energy and intentional purpose to every organization. She has a heart for children and the skill to create meaningful change. While Mrs. Leach will be missed as a leader in our Hilliard School Family, she will make a difference for thousands of young people in our greater Columbus Community. We look forward to working with Jane in her new role,” Superintendent John Marschhausen said.

“I appreciate this opportunity to tackle these issues that are so important,” Leach said. “I am excited to work with the Mayor, Board, the rest of the FutureReady team, and our community to develop this critical strategy.”