Frequently Asked, but Infrequently Answered, Questions

Hilliard City Schools

CommentsWill the Hilliard Schools consider closing on January 13, 2015 due to the time of the Buckeyes playing in the National Championship?

The Hilliard City School District brand is, “Ready for Tomorrow.” Our goal is to work with the families and our community to prepare students for life as adults. While I am a huge Buckeye fan, and many of the Board of Education Members and administrative team members are lifelong OSU fans, we plan to hold school as scheduled on Tuesday, January 13. Parents and community members will go to work the morning following the National Championship – hopefully with huge smiles, wearing Buckeye gear, and sharing highlights of a great game. Sure, we may be a little tired and we may be dragging a little, but Ready for Tomorrow means meeting obligations and fulfilling requirements.

Honestly, I wish the NCAA – an organization which represents institutions of higher learning – would move all national championship games to a time more sensitive to our youngest fans and students. I understand this is a losing battle as huge advertising dollars have the power, but that is my wish for these games.

How many devices can the Hilliard Schools network handle on a daily basis?

As we rollout our One2One program in the sixth grade buildings this week, we continue to evaluate our network, access points, and bandwidth. Ultimately, we need to prepare for multiple devices per individual. Just think about most adults in their work environment – many adults have a handheld device, plus a laptop or tablet. We know that a growing majority of students have a smartphone. In the next eight months we will be providing a tablet to students in grades 6, 7, and 8.

We continue to add bandwidth and access points. We have had nearly 10,000 wireless devices connected to the network already this year. We will soon be approaching 15,000 devices. It is simply how we do business today. We aren’t going paperless, but we need less paper. We aren’t doing away with worksheets, but we are shifting to digital. We’ve reduced the size of our district print shop as we increase the digital publication of materials. It is a shift in resource allocation and the shift will continue to accommodate changing needs.

Who decides when and where Board of Education Meetings are held?

Surprisingly, the decision on the time, date, and location of Board Meetings is a fairly simply process. We look at the schedule from the previous year; we try to rotate the meetings equally between our school sites. Our two monthly meetings have been held on the second and fourth Monday of each month; this isn’t in policy or law but is our practice. During the summer months we’ve moved the meetings an hour early – starting at 6:00 PM – and generally hold meetings at Central Office when school isn’t in session.

Recently, we’ve added several work sessions to the meeting schedule to probe deeper into specific topics.

In the event of a school cancellation due to weather, we may still hold the meeting. We would post any updates on the website and social media. We could still hold the meeting at the scheduled location or move the meeting to central office. Part of the decision making process when considering inclement weather may be the timeliness and urgency of items on the agenda for the meeting.