Family Activity for Digital Wellness Month Week 1 – Wellness

Digital Wellness Month

February is Digital Wellness month in Hilliard City Schools. Each week we will take a look at a different topic. This week we are looking at Personal Health and Wellness. Here are some activities that families could use to discuss Digital Wellness at home.

Big Idea for your child: Balance is Best. I will maintain a balance between digital and face-to-face interactions in life.

Family Activity: Common Sense Media has a fun video starring Will Ferrell that highlights the importance of putting down devices during dinner. Watch this video as a family and then answer the questions below.

  • Why does Will keep looking at his phone?
  • How do the other people at the table feel when Will is texting while he is talking with them?
  • When are good times to put our devices away?

Sometimes children have a hard time regulating their time on media and game systems. Healthy Children has a nice online planner that you could use to create a Family Media Plan as well as a Media Time Calculator. Topics you might include in your plan:

  • Daily time limits on media.
  • Where should children charge their devices?
  • Dinner and/or conversation rules.

You can also read this article on the strategies that companies use to keep us on their website or app.