Families Empowered to Participate in Process

Hilliard City Schools

teacher_and_student_1600_clr_11776Technology continues to change the way we operate in nearly every facet of our daily lives. Technology changes access to information. In many ways, when we see technology has a tool, it is merely a more efficient means to the same end. Technology hasn’t changed who we are, or even changed what we do, it simply can be more efficient and immediate.

Technology provides instant updates for news and current events, technology allows text message communication without interrupting those in our vicinity, and technology provides nearly infinite static information to be at our finger tips. The days of arguing with a family member or friend about who starred in The Breakfast Club or who originally recorded Stand By Me are over – we merely Google it.

Technology is changing how students and parents monitor student work in many of our classrooms. Mid-term reports and quarterly grades have been mailed home with students for decades – these were the communication tools of the time. Today, through our Home Access Center tool, students and parents are able to monitor assignments, grades and progress in almost real time. We no longer are forced to wait for quarterly reports to be mailed home – we can engage students on an immediate basis. We know that immediate feedback is the most impactful and efficient feedback for learning. We also know that our primary focus is the growth of individual students. Our goal is to empower students and families to work collaboratively with our teachers and staff on a personal level.

In addition to the instructional benefits of immediate feedback, the use of technology also provides the district with an added value educationally while reducing costs. With nearly 16,000 students, the cost savings in paper, printing and mailing report cards can be substantial over time. We will, of course, print reports for families without Internet access or that request a printed copy; we are a diverse community and realize we have families with differing needs.

As we empower students to be active participants in the learning process we continue to seek the most efficient methods to communicate with all partners in the process. Hilliard Schools will continue to personalize the educational experience and explore every avenue to improve the product we provide our community.