Embracing Starts with Listening

Hilliard City Schools

marschhausen_john_hcsdSteven Covey identified the importance of listening in his Seven Habits of Highly Effective People when he stated, “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” Effective leaders are able to cultivate relationships and to understand the people with whom they interact. As we work together, to support a common vision and mission, we must first listen and gather information.

The Hilliard area is a diverse community and as a school district we strive to embrace our differences. Our diversity is one of our greatest strengths and prepares our students for success as adults. Young people in the Hilliard City School District develop an appreciation, an authentic respect, for our differences. The Hilliard Way embraces diversity and cultivates acceptance.

As I continue with my quarterly Coffee Connections I so appreciate the opportunity to listen to our parents and community members. As your superintendent, I want to hear about our schools from your perspective – from the incredibly different perspectives shared in a single community. Through listening to you, by cultivating relationships, I seek to understand how to better build partnerships that provide opportunities for our students.

There is a lot of “noise” in public education today. My desire is to filter the noise and listen to and embrace our community’s voice. Our partnership – the partnership between teachers, parents and community – is what will have our students Ready For Tomorrow.

Our shared vision, our collective efforts and our commitment to our students will continue to set Hilliard Schools apart from other communities. As we seek first to understand, to appreciate our wonderfully diverse community and to listen we will provide our students a rich, warm and inviting educational experience.