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The Hilliard City School’s Business and Community Partnership Program works to facilitate a variety of formal and informal opportunities for members of the community to become actively engaged in supporting and strengthening public education at the local level.

Many businesses fill their need to enhance the quality of education in the community and their desire to be a “good neighbor” by providing contributions toward instructional programs and activities, volunteers for projects and student mentoring opportunities and on occasion, direct donations. Schools are challenged by budget shortfalls, an unstable school finance structure and increasing standards for accountability.

Therefore, school-business partnerships are critical for developing relationships that foster strong schools, highly performing students and an actively engaged community.  While these partnerships will not close budget gaps or supplant traditional sources of funding for education, school-business partnerships add significant value to the school district and community.

Program Objectives:

  1. Cultivate strategic collaborations and positive working relationships between the schools and the community
  2. Provide opportunities for building bridges of understanding between educators and the business community
  3. Encourage and motivate students toward completion of their education
  4. Bolster the self-esteem of students
  5. Extend student knowledge of career opportunities
  6. Support and extend the curriculum
  7. Provide opportunities for the business community to interface with future workforce members
  8. Promote lifelong learning for all students






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