Digital Wellness Month Week 3 – Etiquette

Digital Wellness Month

February is Digital Wellness month in Hilliard City Schools. Each week we will take a look at a different topic. This week we are looking at Personal Health and Wellness. Here are some activities that families could use to have discussions about Digital Wellness at home.

Big Idea for your child:

It’s Cool to Be Kind. I will choose to be positive with others online.

Elementary Family Activity:

Thing to do and discuss

  • Read, talk, and complete as a family activity 3 on page 43 from Google’s iKeepSafe: Be Internet Awesome
  • Family Reflection Questions: If your class uses Canvas Discussions, Padlet or Kidblog, or if you use social media or text, look back at some of your posts. Stop and reflect on the tone that could be interpreted. Share your reflections with your family.
    • Does that tone match what you were trying to convey?
    • Would you post/text something different? Why?
    • How does this activity help you for future use of social media and digital interactions?

Secondary Family Activity:

When teaching our children about digital etiquette, we should keep two goals in mind:

  • to help our children understand that the digital world is an extension of the world we live in, so the rules of etiquette that apply in the “real” world also apply in the digital world.
  • to help them realize that, although the digital world seems fleeting and impermanent, it is actually very permanent, as our online interactions are all traceable at some level. If we exercise good digital etiquette, we can establish a positive digital footprint.

(From Edmonton Public Schools)

Watch: Do’ and Don’ts When Using Social Networks


  • Which of the “Don’ts” do you do without even thinking about it?
  • How can we encourage parents and students to push others to use Social Networks positively?
  • How has abuse of social media negatively affected you recently? How did you react? What could you do in the future to prevent these types of situations?