Media & Technology

The library media program is an integral part of the educational process and plays an important role in promoting literacy and inquiry.   Library media specialists meet on a regular basis with classroom teachers at each grade level to collaborate, plan, and design instructional units. In collaborating and planning together, the teachers and media specialists create an environment for learning rich with resources. As a result of these planning sessions, library media instruction is integrated into the classroom learning.  Emphasis is placed on information literacy, the research process, inquiry, quality work, and the enjoyment of literature.

The role of the library media specialist is to provide structures and opportunities for learning and support and guidance for learners as they become information literate. An information literate student is an avid reader, a critical and creative thinker, and an interested learner who uses technology skillfully and investigates, organizes, and communicates what is learned in a responsible manner. Inquiry is a natural and excellent way to encourage the development of information literacy for students. Information literacy demands teaching a research process that transcends current source formats such as books and the World Wide Web.  Information literacy is required in today’s complex society, and the knowledgeable library media specialist guides students as they become skillful users and producers of information.

The library media program also encourages and engages students in reading, viewing, and listening for enjoyment.  The library media specialist models the effective and enthusiastic use of books, videos, films, multimedia, and other creative expressions of information as sources of pleasure.