5th Grade & One2One iPad information

Hello 5th Grade Parents,

 As a part of our district-wide One2One program, all students have an iPad checked out to them each year. In Grades K-4, students keep and use their iPad at school. Starting in Grade 5, students will be bringing their iPad home with them each night. Here is some important information for you to know about the program.


Loan Agreement:

In order for the student to bring the iPad home, you will need to sign the Loan Agreement. You can sign the Loan Agreement starting June 1 on Home Access Center. Go to http://homeaccess.hboe.org and click on Update Registration.


Equipment coming home:

Students will receive an iPad, protective case, charging brick and charging cable. The brick and cable should stay at home and students should charge their iPad each night before school. We also recommend that they charge their iPad in public place in the house, not their bedroom.


If the iPad has a problem:

If your child has a problem with their iPad, they should tell their teacher right away or go to the Media Center for support. If the issue occurs after school hours, they can do this in the morning on the next school day.


TPP (Technology Protection Plan)

If the iPad needs repair, the family will be billed for the repair unless you have the Technology Protection Plan (TPP). The TPP is $25/year and covers the device against all incidental damage or loss over $50 up to two times. You can pay for the TPP starting June 1 on Home Access Center.  Go tohttp://homeaccess.hboe.org and click on MyPaymentsPlus.

For more details and information about the One2One program, please check out this presentation:https://tinyurl.com/One2OneParentInfo