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Panther Baseball 2018-2019

 Discipline Aggressive Relentless Believe Yes We Can

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2019 Darby Baseball Remind

4-Man Hitting  Winter Workouts
January 7th- Feb 6th

Jan/Feb hitting groups

Check link above for your group and time.

Be in Home Dugout 10 minutes before scheduled time.

Stay in Dugout until 5 minutes before workout

2019 Hitting League Teams and schedule

Sunday: Open Hitting sign up

2019 Player interest form


Summer Baseball

2018 Panther Cup winner

Team Black-Coach Longwell

Jackson Buty
Ryan Eatherton
Kyle Miller

Garrett Mudgett
Nick Perie
Jack Stultz

Colin Bodak
Peyton Rife
Jake Swartzmiller
Rhys Weer

Hitting league

Congratulations to the 2018 Winter Hitting League Champs

Cameron Tackett

Garrett Mudgett

Nathan Ryan

Drew Snyder

Michael Binion

Cole Harms

Mohit Koneru


Coaches Contact Information
Coach Weer 6148430888
Coach Ozbolt- 6143029690
Coach Holdren-6149408981
Coach Wolf-6142601564
Coach Chase Longwell-6145629595
Coach Gilkerson-6142667204
Coach Cannon-614-503-7019


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