Darby Students Chosen for Chinese Student Academy

Hilliard City Schools

Darby students chosen for Chinese academyTwo Darby High School students were accepted to the University of Virginia 2017 STARTALK Chinese Student Academy this summer. We are proud to recognize Michael Trimboli and Alex Freewalt.

The STARTALK program’s mission is to increase the number of U.S. citizens learning, speaking, and teaching critical need foreign languages. The goal is to create a national leading model on learning Chinese language and culture online for rising 9-12th graders in the U.S. The program offers a 12-day virtual journey, featuring individualized instruction that brings real-world experiences into online learning. Students will experience productive learning outcomes in a linguistically and culturally enriched online environment and have ample opportunities to frequently interact with excellent teachers, teaching assistants, and peer learners to satisfy their individual needs on a daily basis. The program strives to create a truly interactive, communicative, and innovative classroom through the integration of a wide array of authentic tasks and advanced instructional technology. ​